The Lasell College Student Alumni Association (SAA) is comprised of student leaders ranging from first years to seniors who engage with Lasell College’s alumni community. The SAA serves as a liaison to alumni on behalf of the current student community.

Members of the SAA are high capacity leaders looking for a leadership development experience that heightens awareness about Lasell College’s history and traditions and inspires a commitment to lifelong engagement with the College.

SAA eBoard:

James Rossano '18, President


Maxwell Corbett '19, VP of Philanthropy

James Macey '19, VP of Communications

Brianna Tata '18, VP of Membership

SAA Members:

Katelyn Bellina '19, Event Chair
Marta Mohammadi '18, International & Commuter Chair
Mallorie Smith '18, Philanthropy Chair

Maia Cataldo '20
Megan Croce '18
Amanda DePina '19
Meredith Eagan '18
Tyler Hurst '17
Maggie King '19
Shannon Motz '18
Evan Roy '19
Hailee Walsh '19

Shane Grewell '18, Membership Chair
Tamla Morales '17, Communications Chair

Katherine Coulter '19
Shannon Deko '18
Tess Dooley '18
Allison Garriepy '20
Kathleen Jones '20
Ben Lane '19
Corinne Palmer '19
Rebecca Van Spall-Hood '19

Recent News

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Meet Ben Lane
Nov 11, 2016
Ben is apart of the Membership Committee
Meet Hailee Walsh
Nov 11, 2016
Hailee is apart of the Communications Committee
Meet Shane Grewell!
Nov 11, 2016
Meet our Membership Chair
Meet Max Corbett
Nov 11, 2016
Meet Our Vice President of Philanthropy!
Meet Maia Cataldo
Nov 11, 2016
Maia Is apart of the International Committee
Oct 10, 2016
Meet Corinne Palmer! Within the SAA Corinne participates in the Membership Committee.
Oct 10, 2016
Meet Shannon Motz! She participates in the Philanthropy committee here in the SAA.
Meet Kate Coulter!
Oct 10, 2016

Meet Kate Coulter! Her role within the SAA is working in the International Commuter Committee.


Oct 10, 2016
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Meet Brianna Tata!
Oct 10, 2016

Meet Brianna Tata! She is the Vice President of Membership

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“A Cannabis Odyssey.”
Join presenter Dr. Lester Grinspoon as he discusses his views on marijuana use and how it can benefit users medically, socially and creatively.


Reconnect with your teammates and relive your time on the court during Lasell's Alumni Basketball Game!

Young Alumni and Student Alternative Spring Break
For more information, click here.

Join alumni, parents and other members of the Lasell community at our Connecticut Cocktail Reception.

Commencement 2017
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