Try, always. Struggle, sometimes. Quit, never.
The Lasell Fund transforms Lasell students into the
purposeful, passionate people our world truly needs.

Supporting The Lasell Fund means supporting the entire Lasell Community - the students, the faculty and the College itself. The Lasell Fund helps fund current-year academic and extracurricular programs and is a key component of Lasell's financial health and well-being. Unrestricted gifts to The Lasell Fund allow Lasell to direct your contribution to the area of the College with the greatest need.

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Academic Programs

Your support provides novel technology, classroom resources and educational materials, ensuring our students are always prepared for what comes next.

Library Resources

The Lasell Fund enables Brennan Library to expand its resources, ensuring Lasell students are confident in finding new, creative ways to solve problems.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Support from the Lasell Community helps us provide more than $28 million in institutional aid to over 97% of our students every year.

Athletic Programs

With your support, Lasell's athletic teams will continue fighting for titles, helping our Lasers excel both on and off the field.

Campus Life

The Lasell Fund supports our vibrant campus, enhancing the learning experience, creating an exciting campus life and building Laser Pride within the entire Lasell Community.

And More!

Your support fosters the challenging environment our students thrive in, transforming them into the leaders who will
change our world.


Join Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund, Writer, Food System Advocate, and 2015 Eisenhower Fellow Aaron Niederhelman as he explores how investments in Onehealth afford new opportunities for the future of shared well being, economic stability and national security.


Join alumni, parents and other members of the Lasell community at our Connecticut Cocktail Reception.


Network with successful alumni in the Greater Boston Area at the 25 Under 25 dinner, hosted by the Student Alumni Association.


Faculty, Staff and Lasell Alumni are invited to a BBQ and Cocktail Reception celebrating Torchlight 2017!

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